Zanzibar Game ParksZanzibar is as unique as the rest of Africa. It has its own points of interest, unique cuisine, the best vacation spots and more. Zanzibar consists of two different islands, each one with its own attractions.

The main island, Unguja, is home to Stone Town, a historic area that consists of unique architecture, such as a former Sultan’s palace that is now known as the House of Wonders. Stone Town resembles a labyrinth with the many twists and turns that the roads make. Anyone on vacation could easily get lost in Stone Town for day. This beautiful piece of history is so gorgeous it remains an inspiration to artists from all over the world.

A modern touch of hotels, restaurants and banks adds a touch of convenience to this otherwise old-fashioned town. Regardless, an afternoon trip to Stone Town means taking a trip back in time.

The beautiful beaches of Unguja are another popular attraction, and one of the many reasons why people vacation in Zanzibar. They have yet to be ruined by mass tourism like so many of the beautiful beaches and islands of the world, meaning that you can relax and enjoy the true beauty that the world has to provide. These beaches are easily the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean, if not the entire world.

Tourists enjoy the shops, restaurants and wide beaches on this popular island. After taking a dip in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Africa, spice things up with some of the area’s wildlife.

The marine life of the Spice Islands is one of the best things about them. Relax on a boat while you watch for whales. Create a memorable experience when you jump off the boat to go swimming with the dolphins, something that no one will ever forget. Boat tours take you on a water safari to all of the best spots to see your favorite animals.

If whales and swimming with dolphins doesn’t sound like fun, there is still plenty to do. A wildlife conservation effort to protect sea turtles has resulted in a sanctuary that is pure heaven for anyone that loves turtles. Pet the largest sea turtles you have ever seen when you spend the day in Zanzibar.

Marine life remains a popular choice for those on vacation, but there is still plenty of excitement for those that are interested in the safari aspect of the Spice Islands.

Cheetah’s Rock remains a popular attraction for both tourists and those that are on a safari vacation. This is one of the few places that will let you get close to the animals. Reach your hand out to feed a lion from your hand. Cuddle up next to an adorable cheetah and pet them just like you do the cats at home. Enjoy a fun filled day with all your favorite animals.

Jozani Chwaka National Park is home to an endangered species of red monkey, called the red colobus monkey, that can only be found in Zanzibar. Tourists are welcome to roam the park to see the red colobus monkey and take as many photos as they wish.

Zanzibar remains a popular destination for those on an African safari to either relax on the beach and take a break or to see more of the unique wildlife that Africa has to offer.

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