South Africa

South Africa Game ParksA South African safari combines every amazing detail of the land in one exciting vacation. There is simply nothing that can compare to a guided South African tour.

Stunning landscapes are brimming with wildlife, such as the gorgeous cheetah and the countries most popular predators. Giraffes can be seen on the vast planes as they casually walk past you. Lions are plentiful in both the wildlife safari packages and game reserves. South Africa is home to many of the animals that are commonly associated with Africa, guaranteeing that you will get to see what you came for.

Kruger National Park is a popular destination for most tourists on vacation. This national park has helped to bring elephants and the white rhino back from the edge of extinction. Tourists can enjoy seeing thousands of elephants and herds of white rhino when they visit in addition to the many other species of animals that call Kruger National Park home.

There are more than just the well-known animals that populate South Africa. There has been a recent surge in the awareness of several other animals in this area, such as the clawless sea otter that can be found in both fresh water and sea water. This area is home to over 500 different species of mammals, meaning that you’re going to get to see the big ones, and probably go home with a new favorite or two in the back of your mind.

In addition to mammals, those on a safari are likely to spot some of the hundreds of species of birds and quite a few different reptiles while they are out and about enjoying their vacation.

Thousands of species of plants and flowers can also be found here, especially when taking a trip to Table Mountain. Table Mountain gets its name from it’s flat top, and remains one of the more popular tourist attractions of the area for those on vacation. Visitors can travel to the top of the mountain to enjoy a dazzling view of the surrounding scenery.

The culture is as diverse as the animals are. It is in South Africa that European influence has changed areas dramatically. Dutch settlements can be found, each with their own charm to add to the beauty of this area. Sumerse yourself in Dutch culture when you visit Stellensbosch for an afternoon.

Even the cuisine of South Africa offers a variety that can’t be found elsewhere. The pleasing aroma of delicious food will tease your nostrils while the colourful food will amaze you. The food usually tastes even better than it looks. Meat is plentiful, and there is typically a starch to go with it. Street vendors sell grilled chicken feet and a spicy grilled sausage known as boerewors.

Traditional South African cuisine includes everything from spicy relish to pumpkin and beets to the sweetest delicacies. If you have a craving for something, you can find it in between the time you are going on all of the best safari tours.

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