Tanzania Game ParksTanzania is another popular spot for those that are interested in an African safari, or anyone that is looking for the perfect vacation spot.

Learn about the wildlife of this famous vacation spot when you embark on your own personal adventure. Get up close and personal with a rhinoceros on the best safari. Be amazed at the great migration, one of the most interesting shows on earth. Thousands of beasts migrate, and you can watch one herd after another gallop elegantly across massive planes.

The big cats are another thing that Africa seems to be known for, and they can all be found in Tanzania. Almost every Tanzania safari tour promises that tourists will at least get to see the big 5. In Africa, those big five are the rhino, the Cape buffalo, the leopard, the lion and the elephant. Whether you’re hunting or just want to see them, you can do it in Tanzania.

Some of the best tours offer the possibility of an intimate encounter with a cheetah, something that most people only dream about. Cheetah’s Rock, a wildlife conservation area that can be found on Zanzibar Island, lets everyone get close to the animals, from the big cats to the smallest wildlife. Schedule a safari that takes a day trip to this African island to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity.

In between exploring and learning about wildlife in Africa, submerse yourself in this unique culture and enjoy some African cuisine. Sink your teeth into a matoke, a steamed green banana, to enjoy the same foods that the natives love or tantalize your taste buds with some traditional ugali, a common dish that the locals will all know. No matter where you go, you’re bound to find something amazing or interesting to eat.

The scenery that you’ll see is just as impressive as the rest of Tanzania. Relax while you enjoy the beautiful coasts of Africa and take a break on the beach. Bring out the adventurous side by visiting local gaming parks to hunt the big game. Take the picture-perfect photos in front of Mount Kilimanjaro, a mountain so large it has been dubbed the roof of Africa.

One of the most popular tourist attractions remains the Ngorongoro Crater. This crater was once a volcanic mountain, but it exploded and then collapsed, creating one of the world’s largest, and oldest, craters. Because this crater is so large, there is always plenty of water to attract animals of all species. Watch rhinos, elephants, lions, buffaloes and several other animals all come together at this world famous water hole.

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in Tanzania, there is a safari that can take you there. Camping safari tours offer the chance to truly experience Africa as you sleep underneath the stars. Luxurious safaris offer lodging at the best hotels and all the top attractions to guarantee a good time. There are even tours that offer a little bit of everything to make sure that every person on the tour gets to see or experience something that they love. When you book a Tanzania safari tour, you’re doing more than taking a vacation, you’re booking an unforgettable experience.

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