Rwanda Game ParksRwanda is home to best gorilla tours, some relaxing safari vacations, and its own unique culture and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in Africa.

It remains a popular vacation destination for anyone that loves seeing gorillas. Schedule a safari that includes a Rwanda gorilla trek to see some of the most beautiful mountain gorillas. Expert guides will take you to all the best places to guarantee that you have a once in a lifetime experience.

Mountain gorillas remain one of the more popular attractions in this African country, but that’s not all that there is to see. Almost ten percent of this country has been reserved for the over 600 species of birds that call Rwanda home, making this the ideal spot for bird lovers everywhere.

The best safari tours can also take you to see zebras, leopards, hippos, giraffes and so much more of the traditional African wildlife that has made this country so popular. Most of this wildlife can be spotted easily at the three main national parks of Rwanda.

Wildlife isn’t the only great thing about this country though. The Presidential Palace Museum and the Kandt House Museum of Natural History can fill an entire afternoon with fun facts and interesting history about this country. Learn everything about the original settlers, look at pieces from a presidential plane crash and much more.

The landscape is as interesting as the best safari tours and gorilla trekking. Those that want to see the true beauty of nature are encouraged to visit Rusumo Falls, a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall that sits in between Rwanda and Tanzania.

The Musanze Caves are another interesting part of nature that can only be found in this African country. These caves were formed when different underground lava flows all joined together. The lava is now long gone, but the beauty of these underground caves remains for the entire world to enjoy. The Musanze Caves were only recently opened to the public, making this one of the more popular tourist attractions.

Vegetarians will particularly enjoy the cuisine that they find while on a safari vacation here. The potato is extremely popular, and remains a main ingredient in many dishes while meat takes a back seat. Most rural families rarely eat meat, if they eat it at all. Instead, they prefer beans and bananas remain a staple.

Those that want to enjoy meat can still find it in many of the restaurants. Tourism has expanded the selection of food, yet this beautiful country has yet to let the mass tourism that seems to come with the mountain gorillas ruin any of it’s natural beauty or it’s impressive culture.

Rwanda has an interesting history, a diverse wildlife and is full of delicious food that those on vacation simply won’t find anywhere else, making it one of the best spots for a relaxing vacation.

Book a safari or vacation in Rwanda to enjoy all the beautiful things a vacation should have without all the hustle and bustle of mass tourism today.

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