Kenya remains one of the most popular options for African safari tours. When people embark on a safari tour or go on vacation in this African country, they are guaranteed a one of a kind experience.

Most safari packages include visiting one of several points of interest. Marvel at the wildlife and get up close and personal to zebras near Maasai Mara or schedule a vacation during October through November to see the Great Migration, when thousands of zebras, wildbeast and gazelle travel back and forth to Serengeti.

Amboseli National Reserve is another favorite spot for tourists, making it a favorite for those that specialize in Kenya safari packages as well. Enjoy seeing elephants in their natural habitat. Move on from elephant tours to catch a glimpse of cheetahs and other large cats, and make sure to keep an eye to the sky to spot a giraffe here and there.

Africa is home to thousands of animals, not just traditional African animals that are seen in the movies like lions, tigers and elephants. Lake Nakuru National Park is proof of that. This national park is home to the largest flocks of flamingos. These beautiful pink birds have a grace and beauty that remains unrivalled by the other African animals.

Kenya is so dazzling that visitors are amazed by much more than just the wildlife when they are on vacation. Enjoy the majestic mountain peaks, the beautiful waters and rivers that run through this area and the stunning grass planes. Most safari tours try to be inclusive of all the different aspects of Kenya, from the most extreme wildlife to the beautiful beaches of Mombasa.

Mount Kenya National Park remains a favorite for residents and travellers. The breathtaking view of the three mountain peaks adorned with snow is hard to beat. Adventurers enjoy the challenge of climbing the hardest peak while those just getting started stick with the smaller, easier mountain. This single place provides a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, a nice break from seeing wildlife and is one of the most beautiful mountains. Even if you just see this mountain one time, you will remember it’s beauty for the rest of your life.

History buffs will get their fill of culture and history while on vacation. Many safari tours include visits to historically rich areas, such Lamu Old Town. This is one of Kenya’s oldest settlements. The origins of Lamu Old Town have been traced back to the 12th century, and many of the buildings have yet to be modernized. Carved wooden doors still adorn many shops, rooftop courtyards are a great place to enjoy a bit to eat and be amazed at how few cars exist in this beautiful settlement. Tourists will enjoy being able to take a break from the modern world while they enjoy the way that things used to be when they visit Lamu Old Town.

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